Kynaston House, Hateley Heath, West Bromwich

As a continuing development of the council’s Housing Investment Plan, refurbishment work has recently been completed  to Kynaston House, Hateley Heath to designs by Urban Design and Building Services.

The 11 storey block, containing 41 no. flats, was constructed during 1966/67 and is one of only two blocks within the borough built using storey height pre-cast concrete panels bolted together at each floor level. The panels have a mosaic finish externally.

The block suffered from water penetration through vertical and horizontal panel joints, a lack of wall insulation, draughty windows and flat roof problems.

Project details:

The work  included  window and balcony door replacement using double glazed aluminium and timber composite frames, new balcony rails and panels, a new pitched roof incorporating solar panels and external insulated cladding to significantly reduce heat loss through the existing walls.

A remodelled front entrance has enhanced the appearance of the block and will provide greater security for tenants through an electronic door access system.

A number of garages that were  no longer in use were  demolished with a remaining section of garages being refurbished and re-roofed. 

Additional car parking has been  provided around the block which  includes disabled spaces and landscaping works and which  also provides enhanced paved access and planted areas.

Internally walls to corridors and common areas have been  decorated and floors  have received new coverings.

Fire precautions, including an upgrade to smoke alarms have been  provided throughout.

Two new flats at ground floor level  replaced disused internal stores.

Proposals for the elevational treatment to the blocks were chosen by the tenants following a consultation event. 

The £2.5 million scheme has made a vast improvement to the comfort and security of the tenants.

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